Day 296… Allergy Fairy

The allergy fairy paid me a visit while I was sleeping and seems to have dusted me with an extra dose this time.  I woke up feeling like… I should be sleeping for the entire week. Will be working from home today then folks so no pics. I need to take my allergy medications and […]

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Day 273…Earth Tones

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I always overpack swimsuits and this over-nighter trip was no different. But for day 2 and the last day I opted for earth tones – my green bikini, a little orange feathered clip, and a brown skirt, as a cover up… and just because I was feeling really “trippy”, changed the lenses of my shades to […]

Caribbean Cruise…Day 264

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Today was a breeze… Not that it was not a busy day. It was, in fact, but the kind of busy I like – meeting and getting to know people and having fun learning new things. Just got home though so, my apologies for the delayed post (again) folks. But on to today’s outfit! Hot […]

Summer Flavor… Day 247

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This is one of my favorite summer dresses. And today sure does feel a whole lot like summer already. Sun’s out and it’s scorching outside, so I thought I’d bring a little of that summer flavor inside. I bought this dress from Mango for a date back when despite closets full of clothes, my first […]

Day 237…Rainy Day Special

I’m pulling a rainy day special today folks and staying home the weather’s perfect for just lazing around in the house and finally giving in to that movie marathon itch I’ve been wanting to scratch. Have a good weekend everyone    

The Great Outback…Day 217

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Planning a trip to down under.. and feeling excited about that. So, you might notice that today’s outfit, is somewhat inspired by the great outback. Well, that is if I go there in the summer…but apparently, the way things are lining up, I might be there on winter. Never say never I guess when it […]

New Normal

I haven’t posted a toast a day for quite some time now.

Didn’t have the time (even as I tried to make time) before I left for my trip to write out one for each day in advance and schedule the posts…and then when I got back, things got pretty busy quickly.

Well, things are more or less, back to normal now. Not that normal is something I’m looking forward to actually.

Sometimes our lives take an unexpected turn and we find ourselves living in a new normal.

It’s unfamiliar, strange, uncomfortable, beautiful, can’t get enough of new normal. 

This isn’t quite a post for this blog just yet, more of a salute…

“Here’s to… those experiences we never quite expect to have and their way of touching us to our very core, and if we’re lucky enough, changing our course.”  



Day 203… Day Trip

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Took a day trip to a nearby (well, at least 2 hours away nearby) lake… actually it’s a volcano within a volcano.  And my apologies for the lack of pictures because this is only picture I got of myself – was too busy taking pictures of the scenery Empire cut black sleeveless top with a […]