Shock Proof…Day 347

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Finally! A post before 10p.m. Just a heads up folks, I’m posting quite a lot of pictures too And on a Friday at that. Well. I didn’t plan on going out tonight despite the outfit I have on… I’ve been itching to go to my Anti-Gravity Yoga class during the weekends and I need sleep […]

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Sexy Back…Day 277

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Today’s a special day  we’re having our “pictorial” for the brochure for our dance recital and I am quite excited about it. Last year, I missed it completely and had to to my own. Well, ok, I didn’t exactly “had to”, I just wanted to… you want to see how my pictorial turned out? Feeling […]

Something Exotic…Day 270

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Hmm…can’t seem to think up of an appropriate title for today’s post. So I’ll just jump right into it and see what comes up as I write about today’s ensemble. The inspiration for today’s outfit is an event I’m going to later tonight. A friend will be showcasing her swimsuit collection and it’ll be held […]

Rockin’ Beachy Look…Day 257

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So. Yesterday I basically rested and good thing too because today, my allergies are gone gone gone. That means, I can go out tonight and meet up with some friends. I’m just winging it today folks and basing my entire ensemble on the weather. Which is just scorching hot! To keep cool then, I choose […]

Somewhere In Tuscany…Day 240

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The last (and first) time I wore this Zara dress, I was on a wine tour in Tuscany sometime May of last year. I was on my own… surrounded by lovey dovey couples and I couldn’t have been happier. Well let’s see, maybe because I was on a private wine tour in Tuscany (that I’ve […]


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I don’t do product reviews – well not yet anyway. But I do know one thing…what I like So let me just tell you what I like about Burberry’s new scent – BODY. First, it’s already Eau De Parfum so you’re relatively sure you’ll get your money’s worth for it in terms of “lasting power”… […]