“Guess Ad” Fashion Editorial

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I had a practice boudoir couples shoot the other day… and I thought, why not? Why not a photo here? After all, it did involve clothes and was meant to look like a fashion shoot. So here we are…more photos on my photoblog if you’re interested. In the meantime, I’m posting just two here Gold […]

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Fashion Levitation Photography

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Well well well. It looks like the peeps from wordpress got my message that I’d want to renew this blog’s domain so… reposting here my post in my photoblog yesterday. I was supposed to post that one here but couldn’t access my account. Anyway, for those then who don’t follow my photography blog, here is […]

Dressed Up For Fall

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So. I haven’t exactly kept up with my end of the the bargain huh? Sorry about that. I don’t know why, but the “1 tip per week” just wasn’t working for me. I didn’t feel motivated enough. Perhaps because I could make up just any tip?…there was so end goal big enough (unlike my no-shopping […]

October’s Fall Must Wear

Well, it’s October… my birthday Month! And still on fall wear then, this month is all about October’s Fall Must Wear.  and I just love that it falls on Fall.  We’ve seen a lot of trends on the runway and as much as I would like to feature them all, I did say I’d manage […]

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall: White Top…Week#4, Day 2

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Came home a lot tired today folks and seriously needed some play time. So, here I am, on my son’s bed, playing…with robots. I had more robot toys than dolls when I was a kid so this is nothing new. Except for the white eyelet top I’m wearing. Goodness, what a segue  

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall: Maxed Out…Week#3, Day 5

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A lot late posting yesterday’s outfit folks…got in quite late. And today was spent relaxing around the house because it’s raining like anything again today.      

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall: Maxed Out…Week#3, Day 4

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So. Today was still a lot busy. I didn’t have time to take photographs in the morning, or in the afternoon. But I managed to sneak in about 5 minutes to take these photos after my dance class, despite being physically maxed out. This is my first semi-public photo shoot…I say semi because there really […]

How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall: Maxed Out…Week#3, Day 3

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Sorry for the extremely late posting about yesterday’s outfit folks…I completely maxed out my time. One meeting after another until next things I knew, it was extremely late at night…morning rather, and I was too tired to do a really nice photo shoot. Still, I hope this does it for you.         […]