52 Weeks of Fashion Tips

So. Things have been pretty quiet in this blog huh? But like I said starting September, I’ll be doing another 365 days project – oh, but no shopping diet this time around! Anyway, I’ve already made a simplified editorial calendar but somehow, it’s just not enough don’t think? It’ll be the same old thing – […]

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Slumber Party

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Had a grown up “slumber party” the other night  Two friends came and slept over and that also meant I finally had the chance to practice on other people for my boudoir photography concepts. I’ll be posting those soon on my photo blog and of course feature it here. It was a great photo session […]

What’s On The Menu

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Anyone here using an editorial calendar? I knew I needed one but never quite around to making one. Especially for this blog since for the past 365 days I basically had to just wing it with whatever was in my closet. But now, I actually have more leeway on what to write about – except […]

Mona Lisa Smile Series

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Last night, for some reason, every time I turned on the TV - for some background white noise as I typed away - some romance movie was showing. It got me thinking how instead of saying to myself "I'll never give up on love", I want to focus on the positive and think "I'll always believe in and make time for love…

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Still taking photographs... in a different outfit still but of a different kind :-)

And So It Has Come To This…Day 365

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And so it has come to this.  Me, posing on the floor of my new office… hoping no one walks in unexpectedly. For the last day of my 365 no shopping for clothes diet challenge, I wanted to put a little more pizzaz to the setting, the pictures, the poses… but reality intrudes ever so […]

Strictly Formal…Day 362

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The invite said strictly formal. I was only too happy to comply. You know by now how I like dressing up, but it’s altogether different when you dress up for a wedding:-) So this is what I wore.  Long golden brown dress/gown bought for steal at Details (a local brand). I feel like Cleopatra in […]

Not So Regular Office Gal…Day 359

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The only time (well, sometimes, is more like it) I pull out my black trousers from the back of my closet is when I have a business meeting with people I’m not that familiar with – background wise. Like the one I had today. They’re still from the same industry though so I thought I […]

Everything Just Flows…Day 358

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Today’s been relatively busy and I’m glad to say productive. But for once in a long time, I was actually able to take pictures before I made a mad dash out the door. The outfit is inspired by an event I’m going to later tonight – a friend’s CD album launch entitled “One Island, One World”. […]