52 Weeks of Fashion Tips

So. Things have been pretty quiet in this blog huh? But like I said starting September, I’ll be doing another 365 days project – oh, but no shopping diet this time around! Anyway, I’ve already made a simplified editorial calendar but somehow, it’s just not enough don’t think? It’ll be the same old thing – […]

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What’s On The Menu

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Anyone here using an editorial calendar? I knew I needed one but never quite around to making one. Especially for this blog since for the past 365 days I basically had to just wing it with whatever was in my closet. But now, I actually have more leeway on what to write about – except […]

Any Suggestions From The Floor?

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The past 2 days were a bit scary here.

Monsoon rains slammed our otherwise tropical country so hard that work was cancelled even among private establishments ...(schools are usually the first to cancel, understandably so...and then government offices... not quite understandably so - but I digress).

So that left me two days of puttering about in the house - which was a good thing since that meant I was able to finish fixing up my closets from my…

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New 365 Days Project...

On Serums And Scents

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Thought it might be time to share some discoveries I’ve made lately on serums and scents. I’ve been on the lookout for some time now for a facial serum that doesn’t feel heavy and smells wonderful. I wanted to go the  extra distance on my skin care regimen. I’ve been trying to eat healthy, exercising, […]

Taste Test

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Well folks after a 5 day hiatus from posting on this blog, as an offshoot of what I posted on another blog plus, we had a 5 day non-working holiday over here, I’m more than ready to be posting every day again. But since, it is the middle of the night where I’m at and […]

In A Blink Of An Eye

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I feel I owe you folks a post  with all  the “off days” I’ve taken recently, I really want to post  something for your viewing and reading pleasure, hopefully. So, as I was spring cleaning today, I had to go over my collection of scents… and I say collection because, I feel anything you own […]

Let’s Bust Outta Here…Day 156

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Last day of vacation for me and having mixed feelings about it…on one hand I’m glad to be going back to “my life” and can’t wait to start on all the things I want to do this year…on the other hand, it’s been really great just hanging around my folks home. Anyway, just a short […]

Liquid Gold…Argan Oil

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I came across this product in a magazine and tracked it down to one of the more popular beauty stores here, Essenses by Rustan’s. I wasn’t too keen on getting it at first although I’ve already read up on Argan oil’s supposed beauty benefits…Besides, I’m a loyal follower of Neutrogena Body Oil which I’ve been […]