Giving It Some More Thought

Well folks… it’s been raining most of the day today. Would have been perfect for another Fall inspired outfit, but I’ve been feeling lazy so I only went out later in the day and only for quick errand…so… an exception I have been doing a lot more thinking about how to go about this “365 […]

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The Start Of Another 365 Day Project

Tomorrow is the start of another 365 day project (or maybe realistically 52 weeks)… Some parameters, rather exceptions, from the first 365 days project that I’m adopting… 1.  If I’m only going out at night, no posting necessary. 2.  If it’s just a short errand, no photographs necessary. And since this might turn out into […]

52 Weeks of Fashion Tips

So. Things have been pretty quiet in this blog huh? But like I said starting September, I’ll be doing another 365 days project – oh, but no shopping diet this time around! Anyway, I’ve already made a simplified editorial calendar but somehow, it’s just not enough don’t think? It’ll be the same old thing – […]

Slumber Party

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Had a grown up “slumber party” the other night  Two friends came and slept over and that also meant I finally had the chance to practice on other people for my boudoir photography concepts. I’ll be posting those soon on my photo blog and of course feature it here. It was a great photo session […]

What’s On The Menu

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Anyone here using an editorial calendar? I knew I needed one but never quite around to making one. Especially for this blog since for the past 365 days I basically had to just wing it with whatever was in my closet. But now, I actually have more leeway on what to write about – except […]

Any Suggestions From The Floor?

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The past 2 days were a bit scary here.

Monsoon rains slammed our otherwise tropical country so hard that work was cancelled even among private establishments ...(schools are usually the first to cancel, understandably so...and then government offices... not quite understandably so - but I digress).

So that left me two days of puttering about in the house - which was a good thing since that meant I was able to finish fixing up my closets from my…

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New 365 Days Project...

Closet Dream List

Rained in so been trawling around the net for whatever interesting that came up in between re-arranging my closets. This just in, I’m stuck at 35%… at least that’s 5% higher than the last time. Everything’s back in my closets though – and I can’t imagine how they fit before. Oh yeah, they didn’t – […]

Fair Warning

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Yesterday was a cold one. It’s been raining really hard for the past week or so… I’m not posting what I wore today, which was nothing short of something to keep me warm (jeans, turtle neck…). But when I got home, after being stuck in traffic for some time and having this idea pop into […]