Black And Blue Day 227

From dressed down to a little more dressed up :-)

Not entirely planned again.  I just woke up a little later than I was supposed to and didn’t have time to go thru my closets so I settled for the easiest color to either dress up or down.  Black.

So, today I have on my black Zara skinny jeans. I couldn’t decide what top to wear with it or what my mood is for the day actually – I was in THAT much of a hurry to get out of the house. – so I opted to just streamline everything.

This top is from Tyler. Well, it’s not really a top. It’s a mini dress, and on any other day I’d wear it as one, but today I’m pairing it with jeans. It’s nice to have a little contrast going on…tight fitting jeans, loose top.  I especially love the color blocking of this piece and that I can wear it off-shoulder if I wanted a sexier look.

Since I’m already wearing something a bit dressier than I had thought I’d be wearing today, I chose to use my blue  platform Style & Co. shoes.  I simple adore the colors on this one!

But why stop there?  So accessorizing with earrings that look like they came from a peacock with its blue and green iridescent colors.

I feel pretty good in this ensemble and I was thinking that this outfit would actually be great for a date night – except, that’s not really in my plans for today.  It’s a Wednesday after all… dance class!

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2 thoughts on “Black And Blue Day 227

  1. Very beautiful! I think you must have a very big wardrobe! :D

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